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Jawbone Reduction

The key to an attractive and balanced face is proper face proportions. Chin reduction surgery, which involves removing excess bone from the chin, may provide an improvement when the chin protrudes excessively. Jawbone reduction is the shaving of the jawbone when a patient with an extremely square jaw wishes a softening of his or her facial features. Often the needed shaving is very little, but makes a dramatic difference.

If the problem is not the chin or jaw itself, but rather the excess skin that has collected under the chin or around the jaw, a facelift or neck lift may be necessary rather than bone reduction.

Chin and jawbone reduction are accomplished by using an instrument much like a dental drill which is usually inserted through a small incision inside the mouth.

Recovery time
Bruising and swelling are minimal and only for at most 7-10 days.

There are quite few complications.

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