Medical Tour Program

The practice of comfortably traveling abroad to have your aesthetic procedure performed by highly qualified practicians at one of the most advanced beauty design clinic in a small fraction of the cost of care in your country of origin.

Incredible Savings :

Why do people want to travel half way around the world to undergo medical procedures? The answer is simple: Affordable healthcare. Not to mention a little bit of leisure and peaceful recuperation in complete anonymity.

Quality of Care :

Don't think that low prices equal low quality. Quite the contrary. Many of the most advanced medical travel facilities in the world exist outside of Europe and the United States, with specific programs carefully designed to attract international travelers such as yourself. In fact, these clinics have spent the last decade preparing for the explosive growth of health and aesthetic tourism, specifically adhering to the same high standards that you can find in Occident and so did Metro Bangkok Clinic.

Metro Program Managers :

We'll guide you, step-by-step, through the entire process. Within a short period of time, you'll receive very valuable assistance from our Metro Program Managers to help facilitate the planning of your aesthetic retreat.

Destination Program Managers :

Once you have arrived in your destination, you are greeted at the airport by your Destination Program Manager (bilingual host) who understands foreign culture and wants to make certain that you are comfortable. Not long after your arrival and discovery of the finest accommodations you may have ever experienced, you are escorted to a world class aesthetic facility, where you meet English-speaking, western-educated professionals who provide an initial examination and answer questions.

Then, according to your aesthetic retreat itinerary, you'll return the following day or the same day to receive your medical procedure. Afterwards, recuperate in peace and quiet and return home spending less money on your entire trip than you would have in your own country for the procedure alone.

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