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The Face

Because eyes have so much expression, male and female patients alike often choose to have eyelid surgery as their first plastic surgery procedure.

Dr. Chartchai finds that the international patients who see him in Bangkok often combine eyelid surgery with other plastic surgery at the same time, either with additional facial surgery or when having a tummy tuck or breast lift. It may be more practical or make aesthetic sense to do these surgeries together.

Dr. Chartchai observes that, for older people, the problem may lie with the eyebrows , especially at the outer ends closer to the temple, not with the eyelids. It’s the furled and drooping brows that make for an old-looking face, and often make it look severe and mean. 

One of the first areas of the skin to show signs of aging is the eyes. Skin around the eyes is naturally thin, and gets thinner and less elastic the older you get. Dr. Chartchai will show you how the redundant skin and excess fat in your upper eyelids may create a tired look and a heavy feel to the lids.

Time and gravity can alter our facial symmetry to distort our looks and make us appear older. As aging skin loses its tone and elasticity, more wrinkles, creases and sagging skin appear. Of all the cosmetic surgical procedures that Dr. Chartchai does, the facelift is possibly the one procedure his patients want most yet are most anxious about.

A chin implant can bring proportion to a profile, and cheek implants can bring additional balance or fullness to the face.

Lip augmentation is a way to enhance the lips using synthetic or biological products or surgery. If you have a strong desire to resize, reshape, plump up or lift your lips, you may want lip enhancement. Dr. Chartchai will advise what options you have to add a more balanced look for your face.

There are 3 procedures that can improve a fleshy, sagging neckline. Dr. Chartchai will decide what is causing the drooping neck and will use any or all of these procedures. Bulky fat deposits can be removed with liposuction. 

In surgery, every incision leaves a scar. In endoscopic surgery , scars are minimized and may be completely hidden.    Dr. Chartchai need to make only a few very small incisions in order to see and manipulate internal tissue.

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