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Therapeutic Effect

The 3 Phases After Cell Therapy Administration

There are three distinct phases after treatment:


Phase 1 • Administration

Immediately after administration, the cellular components begin to take effect and are absorbed into the bloodstream. This often results in a feeling of increased vitality and a short-term improvement in the patient’s condition.


Phase 2 • Transition

This phase is categorised as an immunobiological reaction which lasts an average of two weeks and may initially be accompanied by slight fatigue. Some patients are temporarily aggravated emotionally, and others experience no difficulty and experience relief shortly after therapy.


Phase 3 • Regeneration

Also known as the regeneration stage, this stage begins in the third or fourth week and lasts a minimum of four to six months. During this time, the curative effect aimed at by the treatment becomes evident, especially in revitalisation of the patient. The patient will experience an improvement in general health and physical stamina. The blood supply to the skin will become noticeably better, and the patient’s physical and mental capacity and his/her general spirits will be raised. In cases where organs are affected, cell treatment produces an improvement and sometimes even a total cure.
Depending on the patient’s lifestyle, diet, environment and specific ailment, the efficacy of a successful course of cell therapy may last for about 2 years with the exception of those with very stressful lifestyle.

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